Simple DIY Maintenance Tricks

Simple DIY Maintenance Tricks You Can Do In Your New Home

There are lots of people who believe that new home maintenance needs to be taken care of by a reputable company. In theory, there is some truth to this. More often than not though, there are plenty of things you can do all on your own. Allow me to illustrate some of these things right now.


1) It’s good to check your garage door at least once a month. I know, most of you will probably read this and forget it within a few hours. Try to remember this though. Checking on the garage doors will reduce the number of obstructions you face. It only takes maybe a few minutes. Make sure the door goes up and down, like its supposed to. Make sure there is nothing interfering with the beams and sensors. That sort of thing.

2) Your clothes dryer duct needs to be cleaned out at least once a year. If you notice the duct is plastic, get it replaced ASAP. This is a fire hazard guys. The best material you can get is rigid sheet metal. Ask your local parts guy at the store to help you find the duct material you are looking for. It shouldn’t be too expensive for you wallets.

3) All your furnace filters should also be dealt with. They should be replaced every quarter or so. Check your home maintenance guide to be sure though. Your guide might be on a different schedule. It doesn’t matter what the schedule is. The important thing is to follow it.

4) Always look at your door caulking and window abrasives. Do this, please. Some say to do this once a year. Others say to do it more than once a year. It all depends on the types of doors and windows you have. Some require more attention than others.

Smoke Detector Battery Change

5) Smoke detector batteries are another cause for concern. If you are not sure as to when they were replaced last, get them done now. It’s like getting your hair washed. If you can’t remember the last time, wash it now. Don’t forget to also do the back-up batteries. Every detector has one. The back-up batteries might be dead too. I’d hate to see you go to use them and they are not usable.

6) One final thought. Make sure to look at Phoenix roofing, gutters and other things of that nature. A lot of people tend to forget this part of the cleaning process. They just assume that someone else will do it. It’s not just you that does this. It’s everyone. We all have this mindset. We need to all come together collectively and treat our gutters and drains regularly.